Capacitaciones en toda clase de temas, para empresas, instituciones y grupos sociales.

Todas las empresas tienen necesidades diferentes en capacitación. Si necesitas entrenar a tu personal en un tema específico, en Focus organizaremos el evento con los mejores expositores de lo que necesites.

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The huge benefits of a healthy, motivated workforce

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Savings over 2 years

UP TO £1.13M

Savings over 2 years

UP TO £1.13M

Savings over 2 years

UP TO £1.13M

Savings over 2 years

UP TO £1.13M

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For example the links between staff engagement and productivity, CSR enhancing global brand profiles, organisational culture and employee retention and recruitment.

Attractive for global business

Workforce health plays a key role in this aspect and makes good economic sense – evidence suggests that a healthy workforce is more productive and has lower turnover.

Case Study: City of London

The City of London’s Corporate HR department developed a strategy on workplace health and wellbeing.

Aims and Goals The Corporation is committed to supporting and promoting the City as the world leader in international finance […]

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